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Just make this clear, I took that responsibility. Even though I dunno whether it works or not, but, I’ll try my best.  Dudes, that’s the first time I do this, to take a big shoot. Well, it doesn’t really disturb my activity since I do nothing this far. But I have to manage my schedule for the future plan which is my end road tend to.

I have go to IMC again, I have to earn money, I have to take care my family, my fiance, I still have dreams which I cannot get it, I also still cannot surpass my former teacher…huh, why I got to so ambitious?!

I still don’t get the chemistry… I think I should learn a lot. He was choosing me, despite of my absence which is sooo… rare in front of the people.. So I should make my appearance make a big difference. I dunno what I’m capable to. But, I’ll try to fulfill everybody’s hope. That’s not a promise. But still, that’s all I can say.